Samsung announces Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Smart Tag Tracker

January 14, 2021 - 18:43

Samsung new earbuds called Galaxy Buds Pro announced today along with Galaxy S21 phones. Inteligent active noise cancelation (ANC) and 2-way speaker system are main features of the new earbuds. With 2-way speaker system, woofer and tweeter are integrated in the earbuds which are made by AKG. Gyro sensor that detect head movements, enables you to stay at the center of the scene. The Galaxy Buds Pro has three microphones for better call quality. With auto switch capability, it will automatically detect and swicth to the device your are using. It comes with IPX7 ingress protection. Price of Galaxy Buds Pro is starting from $199 and will be availble in the market from January 15th.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
Samsung Smart Tag

Another intesting gadget which was introduced today was Galaxy Smart Tags tracker which could be attached to anythings that matters you and you can track and find it by Samsung Smart Things network in case of lost.


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